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Square Metal Material Separation Ferrite Magnets

Square Metal Material Separation Ferrite Magnets can be used to separate metallic materials from nonmetallic ones by means of mutual attraction between magnetic materials. Square Ferrite Magnets are used to separate and classify ferrous materials by shape and size. They are used in industrial applications such as the separation of chips, non-ferrous metal detection, cleaning, sorting of magnetic contaminants, reclaiming of metals and minerals, etc.
Square Metal Material Separation Ferrite Magnets, With the development of science and technology and the increasingly serious pollution problem in the world. In recent years, more and more companies are using magnet technology to separate magnetic materials from waste metal scraps and other recycled materials; in this way to get a good profit and economic and environmental benefits.
Magnets can be divided into permanent magnets and non-permanent magnets, the former is able to maintain long-term magnetic not easy to lose magnetic natural products, such as magnetite; The latter requires certain conditions in order to appear magnetic, such as electromagnets.
The manufacture of permanent magnets requires the use of some special metal materials, such as copper, cobalt, sulfur, nickel, iron, aluminum and titanium. These metal materials need to go through the following steps to become a magnet:
Casting: First make a sand mold in the shape of a magnet, and then put the metal into an electromagnetic furnace and heat it to more than 1600 ° C to melt all the metal into a liquid. The liquid is then poured into the mold and left to cool and cure.
Sintering: Metal pieces are tied to copper tubes, placed in larger tubes, placed in the middle, surrounded tightly with silica sand, and concrete is used to seal the exposed copper tubes at both ends. Then put it in the furnace to heat 700℃, take it out, fix the two ends of the copper pipe with a clamp, and pass a low voltage and high charge current. This step allows the metal to be slightly magnetized, establishing the correct magnetic field orientation.
Finishing: The sintered material is processed into the shape specification required by the customer with a specific machine.
Magnetization: The magnet is activated by a magnetizing machine. The machine transmits a powerful magnetic field through an electric current to the metal, creating a long-lasting magnetic force.
After these steps, the permanent magnet is manufactured. However, in order to prevent rust or damage to the surface, it is also necessary to carry out some protective electroplating treatment, such as nickel plating, epoxy plating and so on.
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Dongyang Ma Li Magnet Co., Ltd is China Square Metal Material Separation Ferrite Magnets suppliers and Square Metal Material Separation Ferrite Magnets company, founded in 2004, a total of more than 80 employees, covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, engaged in magnet material research and manufacturing. The company is a production-oriented enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and operation. Specializing in the production of NdFeB Magnetpermanent, ferrite magnets and rubber magnet. Products are mainly exported to the United States, Southeast Asia, India, Europe and other countries and regions. The magnetic products have a wide range of applications, such as: Motor, toys, electronics, audio, mobile phones, computers, bags, generators and other industries.


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Square metal material separation ferrite magnets exemplify the fusion of scientific ingenuity and materials engineering. Composed predominantly of ferrite, a ceramic compound consisting primarily of iron oxide (Fe3O4), these magnets possess exceptional magnetic properties and durability. This unique composition allows them to generate strong and stable magnetic fields while enduring the harsh conditions of industrial environments.
The square shape is one of the defining features of these magnets. Unlike conventional cylindrical or disc-shaped magnets, square magnets offer a flat and compact form factor, making them particularly suited for integration into conveyor belts, chutes, and material handling systems. This square design enhances their adaptability and utility in materials separation processes.
Magnetic performance is a hallmark feature of square metal material separation ferrite magnets. Ferrite materials are renowned for their ability to generate strong magnetic fields, and these square magnets harness that strength effectively. The precisely controlled magnetic properties of these magnets make them ideal for applications that demand strong magnetism, reliability, and precision.
The primary application of square metal material separation ferrite magnets is in materials separation and recycling processes. These magnets are typically installed in conveyor systems or material handling equipment to attract and separate ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials.
In recycling facilities, square magnets are employed in eddy current separators and other machinery to remove ferrous contaminants from streams of recycled materials. For example, in the recycling of crushed cars, square magnets are used to separate steel and iron components from the non-metallic fraction, such as plastics and rubber.
In the mining industry, square magnets are used in magnetic separators to extract and recover valuable minerals and ores from ore streams. Their strong magnetic force ensures efficient separation and recovery of ferrous materials from the ore, contributing to increased yields and reduced waste.
In the food and pharmaceutical industries, square magnets are employed in magnetic separators to remove metal contaminants from processed products. These magnets play a critical role in ensuring product safety and quality by preventing metal contamination in food and pharmaceutical production lines.
Beyond these sectors, square metal material separation ferrite magnets are used in various industrial and manufacturing processes where the separation of ferrous materials is essential. Their compact and square design allows for flexible integration into existing equipment and systems.
However, it's crucial to consider certain factors when working with square metal material separation ferrite magnets. Due to their strong magnetic force, proper safety precautions are essential to prevent accidents or damage to sensitive equipment. Regular maintenance and cleaning are also necessary to ensure the magnets' optimal performance in materials separation processes.
Square metal material separation ferrite magnets represent an essential and transformative force in the field of materials processing and recycling. Their square shape, combined with exceptional magnetic properties, makes them indispensable components in various industries. These magnets facilitate advancements in recycling, mining, food processing, and manufacturing, contributing to increased efficiency, reduced waste, and improved product quality. As industries continue to prioritize sustainability and resource conservation, square metal material separation ferrite magnets remain at the forefront, offering effective solutions and transformative possibilities in the realm of materials separation and recycling. Their unique combination of strength, versatility, precision, and square design makes them a fundamental force in modern materials processing.